Meet Chef Jackson

Chef Jackson was born and raised right here in Richmond, VA but spent the majority of his career in South Florida.  He graduated from Florida Culinary Institute in 2009 with a degree in baking and pastry and has since worked for some of the best restaurants in Palm Beach County.  Jackson first began experimenting heavily with vegan foods in 2014 for a restaurant concept in Boca Raton and has enjoyed a much healthier relationship with plants since.  He believes that food is art for the sense of taste and is truly passionate about creating interesting and unique dining experiences.

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Vegan Eats with Bri
5 Course Gourmet Vegan Dinners

Our innovative five course menus are designed to be a unique sensory experience. Each course is crafted using the freshest ingredients available and is 100% whole plant based.

Dine in and enjoy an amazing meal as well as meet new friends in the Richmond community. The Green Kitchen’s intimate setting and lovely ambiance is perfect whether you are solo, on a date or dining with friends. Pick up option is also available for those who do not want to dine in. 

The menus are one-time offerings as Chef Jackson changes the menu for each dinner. A special plant-based beverage is also provided to all guests.

You will leave with a new sense of appreciation for plants and how delicious they can be when prepared properly. Chef Jackson shows off his talent and creativity while offering an enjoyable and decadent dining experience that guests will remember.

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