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Organic Vegetables

1 on 1 Coaching Services

Have you desired to go vegan but don’t know where to start?

I can help you build your vegan lifestyle by removing all animal products from your diet. Together we will explore your goals and discuss specific concerns you have in your journey to veganism. We will develop a plan of action that may involve the following things: grocery shopping, meal prep preparation & cooking demonstrations.

I coach my clients and help create a healthier lifestyle that is filled with nutrient dense plant-based foods created in a variety of ways. I will create an environment that helps you make gradual changes that are sustainable.

It is my personal mission to support and guide you as you make this transition by creating ways that you can sustain the vegan diet. Whether you or single or have a family, vegan or vegan curious, I will work with you and your loved ones to help you in your journey to plant based eating. You will gain the knowledge and skills to navigate veganism while receiving direct instruction and support from me. Let me help you build your relationship with plant based foods!

Vegan Eats with Bri
1 on 1 Coaching Support

Navigating a vegan diet for the first time? Already vegan and looking to diversify your meals? Confused about where to go to create sustainable nutritional meals?

Coaching services may include:

- a customized plan of action based on your goals and focus areas

- cooking tutorials/in-home meal prep services

- assistance with growing your confidence & efficiency in shopping for plant-based foods 

- an outline of the nutritional value of meals & snacks

- support in helping you begin the conscious consumption of plant-based foods

- a step by step recipe guide of all meals & snacks made with Bri so you can recreate on your own

Click the contact tab below for a FREE 30-minute consultation. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you on your journey!

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