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How Vegan Eats with Bri Was Born

Meet our Founder, Bri

At Vegan Eats with Bri, I believe that plants offer the highest nutritional value and many benefits to the human body. As a society we are inundated with food that is not necessarily the best for our overall health and wellness. I have been growing my relationship with plants for the last decade. When I first started experimenting with vegan, there were not many options. The options for faux meat were Boca and Morningstar so I would buy those products and experiment with different vegetables in my meals. I researched different recipes to cook and spent my free time making tasty meals. Then, came my major love for juicing. After watching “Fat, Dead and Nearly Sick”, I was fascinated by the story and became obsessed with the fact that plants could heal and help the body recover from certain ailments. I bought a juicer and began juicing all the time. I like the idea of giving my digestive system a rest by drinking plants. Their benefits go directly to my cells. I became and still am a juice chemist and have spent a lot of time juicing and tasting a wide variety of plants.

I also constantly read information on the topic of plant-based nutrition. I added a love for herbs and began making different loose-leaf teas and learning the benefits they offer. For the past few years, I have spent lots of time with this hobby of mine: reading, learning, and experimenting with different ways to manipulate plants. I want my food to taste delicious and I think “flavor” is one of the main reasons people have negative connotations towards plants. As a society we have made plants "the side item" when they deserve to be the main player on the plate. When prepared and flavored properly, plants can shine independent of animal protein. I am a strong believer in eating tasty plant-based food which is why I am offering my 21-day plant-based reset. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit so after completing the reset diet, you have already put in the work to continue incorporating whole plant-based foods into your diet. Our reset diet is also raw(ish) vegan. I say “ish” because I do use beans/legumes that technically have been cooked before being canned and some of the sauces used have technically been heated but I do not add additional heat in my recipes outside of dehydrating the ingredients for my pizza crust and burger recipe.


Trying the vegan diet does not have to consist of buying every meat substitute you can find. Eating the vegan diet at its core is eating plants: vegetables, grains, legumes, fruit and nuts and our 21-day plant-based reset highlights just how delicious plants can be. Each week comes with two raw vegan desserts, two 16 oz. beverages, seven lunches and seven dinners, 100% gluten free. Pick up is twice per week on Sundays and Wednesdays. Whether you are vegan or vegan curious, this reset diet will give you the opportunity to become more acquainted with more than 72 plants. I’m excited to offer this plant-based reset and bring my love for plants to the Richmond community. I will also offer “pop up” lunches & dinners with unique cooked plant-based food in the future. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @veganeatswithbri to get an inside look at my plant-based world. I am also available for anyone who has questions about the reset diet. You may call me at 804-203-0210, email me at or contact me on social media.

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