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The Process

Easy and Hassle Free


My 21-day plant-based reset is offered every month and consist of 3 weeks of gluten free, raw(ish) vegan food. None of the plants are cooked but instead perfectly blended with natural herbs and flavors to create a one-of-a-kind experience with 72+ different plants. Customers must purchase a week minimum but are encouraged to try the full three weeks.

  • Visit my shop via the link below to purchase your preferred dates. Please pay close attention to the dates. For each month, you may purchase the full 21-day plant-based reset or you may purchase the three weeks individually.

  • Visit the menu link to see the full three week reset diet. If you are interested in trying a week or two versus purchasing the entire reset program, the menu will help you decide which week is more appealing for you.

  • All purchases must be made by the Thursday before the 1st Sunday pick up of week purchased.

  • Each week comes with two raw vegan desserts, two 16 oz. beverages, seven lunches and seven dinners. 

  • Pick up is twice per week (Sunday & Wednesday) at The Green Kitchen in Churchill. Sunday pick up is between 5:30pm and 7:00pm. You will receive ½ of the week’s products: one raw vegan dessert, one 16 oz beverage, three lunches and three dinners for Monday-Wednesday meals. Wednesday pick up is between 5:30pm and 7:00pm. You will receive the remaining products: one raw vegan dessert, one 16 oz. beverage, four lunches and four dinners for Thursday-Sunday meals.

  • Please consume the meals on the days stated in the menu for optimal quality and freshness. Enjoy your beverage and dessert on your preferred schedule but the beverage should be consumed in 72 hours for optimal quality. The dessert should be stored in the freezer until ready to eat. Desserts will also need to thaw for 15 to 20 minutes in room temperature for best quality.

  • The ingredients for the meals are premixed and stored for optimal quality. Everything will be labeled for you. You will have to mix and assemble certain food items. I will provide instructions and videos on how to mix and assemble the reset meals.

  • Enjoy each bite of this delicious diet and the taste of all the plants you are consuming!   


 The 72 plants!

​apple    lemon  
almond    lentils
artichoke hearts    lime 
avocado     mango 
basil      oat
black bean    onion
blackberry     oranges
blueberry    oregano
broccoli    parsley 
brussels sprouts    peanut
butter lettuce    pears
cannellini bean    pecan
carrots     pineapple
cauliflower      portobello mushrooms
celery     pumpkin seed
cilantro      purple cabbage
coconut    radish
collard greens    rainbow chard
corn     red bell pepper 
cranberries    red onion
cucumber     scallion 
dates    seaweed
dulse    shallot  
edamame    shiitake mushrooms 
english cucumber    shredded carrots 
fennel    snow peas
flax    spinach
fresh ginger    spinach  
garbanzo bean    Spring Mix  
garlic       sunflower seeds
ginger    sweet potato
grape tomatoes       tarragon
hemp     tomatoes 
italian parsley    walnuts
jalapeno pepper    white onion
kiwi    zucchini  

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